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Suggestions requested

Posted: Fri Jun 29, 2012 1:36 pm
by bpyler
I am having a large Oak removed from my front lawn along the sidewalk this weekend. I will have the stump ground out at a later date. My yard gets sun 3/4 of the day, and it is a downhill slope so no water lays on the property. I want to plant a new tree, something that grows rather quickly, and flowers in the Spring and is fruitless. I have been to 3 nurseries in my acidic, Morristown (North) NJ area and have a large number of suggestions, based on what is left to purchse for this year. Fruitless plum, Chinese dogwood, the proverbial Maple or Oak to list a few. Plus one nurseryman told me that the new tree should be planted a minimum of 15 feet away from the oak stump. Do you have any suggestions to add in please?

Re: Suggestions requested

Posted: Fri Jul 27, 2012 3:14 pm
by lorijones
Suggestions for a replacement tree:
  • Cornus kousa - Kousa dogwood has cherry-like fruit but it doesn't last long and it is pretty. Beautiful fall foliage
    Cornus "Stellar Series"
    Quercus coccinea or Quercus rubra - Oaks will get larger but have beautiful fall color
    Pyrus 'Aristocrat' (improved bradford) - Beautiful white flowers every spring with great fall color. This variety is more wind resistant than Bradford Pear
    If you choose a maple be sure to choose a named cultivar. A good sugar maple variety is 'Bonfire' or 'Green Mountain'
If you plant the tree near the ground stump, be sure to dig out as many of the chips as you can and fill the hole with topsoil.