Splitting and Transplanting Boxwoods

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Splitting and Transplanting Boxwoods

Post by hdbreed » Sat Jun 13, 2015 7:50 am

I have many 3 feet high Winter Gem boxwoods that were damaged (freezer burn or wind damage) by the unusually harsh Michigan (Zone 6a) winter in 2013. In Spring of 2014, the boxwoods were lightly pruned and fertilized. This year the boxwoods look beautiful on the side of the bush that wasn't affected by the wind. The side that was affected by the wind has new growth but only at the base. Will the boxwood survive/thrive if I remove it, severely prune only the damaged side (or split the plant) and then replant it in an area that is less prone to wind?

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Re: Splitting and Transplanting Boxwoods

Post by lorijones » Fri Jun 26, 2015 4:36 pm

The best time to move these shrubs would be in the early fall or in the spring. I wouldn't do it now and I would not try to split them. You can prune out the dead upper branches on the windward side now. Prune them back to live, green wood. The fresh, healthy growth at the base of the shrubs may be where they were protected by snow over the winter.
  • If you move them in the spring, I would suggest protecting them from winter winds by spraying them with Bonide Wilt Stop and wrapping them in burlap. When you move them, you can do some pruning to improve the shape (if necessary). Be sure they will still get part to full sun in the protected area where you plant to move them.
    If you plan to move them in the fall, do not do any pruning at that time. Pruning stimulates new growth that will be damaged during the winter. Water them well and fertilize them with Espoma Holly-tone or Plant-tone. Do that in the spring as well.
Here are some tips on transplanting shrubs: http://www.viette.com/v.php?pg=688

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