Trading picks in the first three rounds are always

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Trading picks in the first three rounds are always

Post by linchao » Wed Jan 15, 2020 2:20 am

A plan for spreading the Cowboys money around."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Dallas Cowboys NewsDallas Cowboys Podcasts & VideosHow Dak Prescott ... sch-jersey , Ezekiel Elliott, and Amari Cooper can all get paidNew,269commentsA plan for spreading the Cowboys money around. CDTShareTweetShareShareHow Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott, and Amari Cooper can all get paidMatthew Emmons-USA TODAY SportsAs we inch closer and closer to the 2019 season for the Dallas Cowboys there are still some important matters at hand that need addressing.These matters involve the contractual status of several Cowboys players that are the cornerstones of the franchise in its current iteration. We saw DeMarcus Lawrence get his big payday, all that’s left to do is figure out a way to get Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott, and Amari Cooper all happily under long-term contracts. Super easy.Joel Corry joins The Ocho on BTBFormer sports agent and now CBS Sports analyst Joel Corry is known for his intellect when it comes to all things concerning the salary cap, contracts Womens Amari Cooper Jersey , and where money in the NFL lands. Corry stopped by the The Ocho on the BTB podcast feed to talk about potential deals for the trio and why the numbers are what they are. It’s worth the listen if you want more detail on what these guys could get paid. Corry also wrote about this subject this week at CBS Sports, consider it your A to Z on all things Amari to Zeke (sorry, I had to). As you can imagine the deals for Odell Beckham Jr. (plus Antonio Brown) and Todd Gurley will likely serve as part of the framework for Amari and Elliott’s deals, but what Dak Prescott gets is ultimately going to be a bit different given the way quarterbacks are valued in the NFL.During our conversation Corry explained that he has three tiers in which he sorts quarterbacks (you’ll have to listen to see which one Dak falls into), but he ultimately believes that Prescott will get paid. What’s more is he thinks it’s possible that all three could get their new deals before the season even begins.There’s a common misconception that locking them all down (with Byron Jones and others to follow) might land the Cowboys in “cap hell”, but Corry agrees that there’s no armageddon-like situation facing Dallas should they indeed get their stars under new contracts. It bears mentioning that the Cowboys have an enormous amount of cap space on the horizon, almost more than anyone in the league.We could very soon be living in a world where Dak, Zeke, and Amari make numbers close to $30M Taco Charlton Jersey White , $16M, and $18M annually. That sounds like a big pill to swallow, but it’s just a normal day in the NFL.That’s it. No big deal. For far too long, NFL teams have way overvalued their draft picks and are hesitant to let anything go. Granted, conventional wisdom would always suggest that building your roster through the draft is the best route. In fact, more often than not, it’s those diamonds-in-the-rough that teams find that determine their long-term success in roster-building. However, there is a way to be aggressive and calculated at the same time, something the Cowboys are doing as we speak.Though nobody expected the Cowboys to be buyers as we approach the trade-deadline Amari Cooper Jersey White , they made a somewhat surprising move with the Patriots to acquire Michael Bennett this past Thursday. For that, the Cowboys give a seventh-round pick to New England (it could become a sixth), who wanted to be rid of Bennett. The Cowboys, who just placed versatile veteran defensive lineman Tyrone Crawford on IR, get a replacement in Michael Bennett. It should be noted that if Bennett is on the Cowboys’ 53-man roster for the next four weeks, that seventh-round pick turns into a sixth but Dallas will gladly pay that price for his potential production.Just this past free agency period, the Cowboys shipped off a sixth-round pick for Robert Quinn. Here is Robert Quinn’s production through five games:GAMESTCKLSCKTFLQB HITSPDRobert Quinn leads the Cowboys in sacks with six and the Cowboys are tied for ninth in the NFL with 17 sacks on the year. For that value, the Cowboys just had to part with a sixth-rounder? If you asked Jerry Jones, he would gladly pay more than that price knowing what he knows now about Quinn. When the Cowboys flipped their first-round pick for Amari Cooper during last year’s bye week Womens Michael Gallup Jersey , they did so with confidence that he would give them much more than any first-round receiver they could dream of drafting in 2019. They were absolutely correct:Trading picks in the first three rounds are always going to cause some hesitation but the Cowboys seemingly nailed that one for Cooper. In terms of rounds, any day three picks should always be used as ammunition for veteran plug-and-play talents. Just for a quick reminder, here are the Cowboys’ day three selections between 2015-2018 (BOLD = Still on 53):YEAR4TH5TH6TH7THYEAR4TH5TH6TH7THYEAR4TH5TH6TH7THYEAR4TH5TH6TH7THThe Cowboys have got solid contributions from some of their day three selections over the past four seasons. At the same time, outside of Dak Prescott and Xavier Woods, the longtime futures of most of the guys still on the 53 is fluid. When you think about the Cowboys trading sixth-round picks for Tavon Austin, Robert Quinn, and now Michael Bennett, that’s production they did not get out of many of those names above. Though the jury is still out on Austin, he looked pretty darn effective against the Eagles Demarcus Lawrence Jersey , Sunday night:Bringing it back to this latest move for Michael Bennett, the Cowboys believe they have paid a marginal price for a quality player. This is Michael Bennett’s production sheet since turning 30-years-old in 2015:PLAYERGAMESTCKLSCKTFLQB HITSFFPDBennett has played for three different teams and has been productive on all three of them. In Dallas, he will get what he wants, more playing time, and the Patriots will get an unhappy player out of their locker room. Bennett will offer a little more explosive pass rush ability to the Cowboys defense and will likely hop inside on third downs. Though the Cowboys already have solid defensive ends in the rotation, they suffer on the interior at times. Michael Bennett is going to help the Cowboys in a multitude of ways. Moves like the ones the Cowboys have made this season for Robert Quinn and now Michael Bennett are what good teams do every year. If the Cowboys are able to find success in the postseason, we will all look back fondly at these types of aggressive but calculated decisions from the front office.

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