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Jake Butt Color Rush Jersey

Post by linchao » Mon Oct 14, 2019 11:40 pm

With Joe Flacco in https://www.broncosfanstore.com/Garett-Bolles-Jersey , Case Keenum is likely out in Denver. Could Keenum work his way back to Minnesota?That possibility will be quickly dismissed because the Vikings have quarterback Kirk Cousins under contract for two more years, at fully-guaranteed compensation packages of $28 million in 2019 and $30 million in 2020.But let’s not dismiss it immediately. If the Vikings could find a trade partner for the balance of Cousins’ deal, they’d take a cap hit of only $2 million (Cousins received a $3 million signing bonus). The question is whether someone would trade for Cousins’ remaining agreement, at $58 million over two years.There are three teams to possibly watch in this regard. First, the Bengals. New coach Zac Taylor has worked for the past two years with Rams coach Sean McVay, who has worked with and who has a high opinion of Cousins. Taylor told that he’ll be using McVay’s playbook as a starting point for the Bengals, which would make for a seamless transition, if Cousins were to land in Cincinnati.Second, the Jaguars. Former Vikings offensive coordinator John DeFilippo is now the offensive coordinator in Jacksonville. With DeFilippo also tied to Eagles quarterback Nick Foles, the Jaguars could explore either — and they could leverage the Eagles against the Vikings in order to get the best possible deal.Third, the Giants. Per a league source Jake Butt Color Rush Jersey , Giants coach Pat Shurmur had lobbied for the Vikings to sign Kirk Cousins before Shurmur became the coach of the Giants. While that may not bode well for Keenum to become a candidate to be signed by New York, it could prompt the Giants to bring Cousins back to the NFC East.Apart from Cousins’ contract is the compensation necessary to effect a trade. If the Vikings’ organization has come to the same conclusion that many Minnesota fans have — that Cousins may not be the guy — maybe the Vikings would take not very much at all in order to wipe Cousins’ contract off the books. Especially if new offensive coordinator Kevin Stefanski (who has been with the Vikings since 2006) believes in the guy who took the Vikings to the final four in 2017. Vic Fangio may just be the perfect coach for Denver.And not just because he is a defensive mastermind.Because he is not taking sh*t from anybody - whether he is talking to an All Pro edge rusher, a team owner or even a GM.“Vic hasn’t changed. He is who he is. He’s not going to change his style for anybody,” Kevin Fishbain of The Athletic Chicago told Orange & Blue Radio on Monday. “If John Elway is bringing in Fangio and thinks he will suddenly do things they want him to do - from a public persona to PR - they are barking up the wrong tree.” Listen to "Kevin Fishbain on 1st & 10 01-07-19" on Spreaker.Fishbain joined Ryan Edwards, Andrew Mason and Steve Atwater on First & 10 at 10 to talk about the candid defensive coordinator who turned the Bears’ defense around - from last in the league in 2013-14 to first in 2018.And despite being “old school,” Fangio has great rapport with his players.“Players love him,” Fishbain said. “Talking to them last week, none of them want to see [Fangio] leave, and I don’t think it’s lip service. Guys always say they respect him,” Fishbain pointed out. “He will go to Khalil Mack and tell Mack when he screws up. He’s not afraid. If he’s in Denver, he would not be afraid to tell Von Miller if he missed an assignment.”Although it often takes younger players a little while to get used to his dry sense of humor (and know when he’s joking) Billy Turner Jersey , Fishbain noted that players all over the depth chart appreciate his straight-forward manner. Akiem Hicks, a Pro Bowl-bound defensive end for the Bears, told Fishbain that Fangio frequently called him out for mistakes he made in play.“Fangio is not afraid in team meetings to publicly get on a player,” Fishbain said. “He earns respect from his guys.” A coach not afraid to get on Von Miller or stand up to John Elway???Yes, please.But perhaps most importantly about Fangio, Fishbains says, is the influence he could have on the Broncos’ defense if he were to become head coach. As Andrew Mason pointed out, Fangio’s defenses early in his 30-year coaching career were middle of the pack in the league. But in the second phase of his coaching career, his defenses with Baltimore, San Francisco and now Chicago have all been among the best in the league.While good players had something to do with it, Fishbain notes that adapting to the offensive schemes has become a strength.“Vic certainly had good players there - Hall-of-Famers no doubt in Baltimore https://www.broncosfanstore.com/Tramaine-Brock-Jersey , San Francisco and certainly one in Khalil Mack this year,” Fishbain said.“But he learned how to scheme up against better offenses, and he has done an phenomenal job adapting to the passing offenses of today. The Bears blitz rarely, but they put tons of pressure on the quarterback.”And that kind of approach - using his players’ strengths - helped the old-school Bears’ defense hold the high-powered Rams’ offense to just 6 measly points, beating them 15-6 last month.“If I’m Vic Fangio, I walk into John Elway’s office, and I give him a tape of Bears - Rams Dec. 9and just say, ‘we held the Rams to 6 points,” Fishbain jokes.Fishbain pointed out that the Bears’ defense was the worst in the franchise’s proud defensive history in 2013-14. Fangio went to Chicago in 2015 and built the defense from the ground up. This season it ranked first in multiple defensive categories.

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