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Cole Beasley Color Rush Jersey

Post by linchao » Mon Sep 02, 2019 10:23 pm

The Cowboys completely mishandled their final possession and sheepishly played for overtime Two weeks ago the Dallas Cowboys partly lost in Houston because Jason Garrett chose to punt when on the Texans 42-yard line in overtime. Sunday in Washington the Cowboys staff had another conservative way about their business.Dallas trailed Washington by three points in the game’s final minute. Dak Prescott was rallying his troops to get within Brett Maher’s striking distance and hit Cole Beasley for a six-yard gain that saw him land at the Washington 31-yard line. Beasley’s catch was one that went for review DeMarcus Ware Jersey , although it was easy to see that when the officials emerged from their tablets that it would stand as one. As it was a review it provided a window of time for the Cowboys to assess the entire game situation and consider their next move. The Cowboys had one timeout remaining and when the ball was to be set after Beasley’s catch it was going to be a first down with 12 seconds left. They could have had Dak Prescott immediately spike the ball so that they could have arranged a pass play to pick up more yardage, or they could have gone into a pass play straight on first down if that’s what they preferred. Considering the Cowboys have seen Brett Maher make some big kicks so far this season they figured they were as close as they needed to be and instead chose to run the ball with Ezekiel Elliott. Zeke picked up two yards and likely placed the ball where Maher wanted, but that’s not the point here. Like punting in Houston, the Cowboys went conservative, and paid the price again.Jason Garrett’s staff once again took the conservative approach with the game on the line12 seconds is forever in the NFL. Time is often not exactly what it seems which is a lesson that felt learned in the game itself as Dak Prescott was in the middle of leading the Cowboys over a 10-point fourth quarter deficit. Dallas could have thrown it anywhere... they could have gone deep, shallow, to the endzone Ezekiel Elliott Color Rush Jersey , out of bounds, the point is they could have tried to pick up more yardage for the purposes of shortening the field goal or even winning the game outright with a touchdown.As we all know that’s not what Dallas did. With the ball on the Washington 29-yard line they felt that Brett Maher was good from that range so in their minds they settled for going to overtime, despite having only 17 points on the board through almost the entire game. Unfortunately, Dallas ended up moving backwards thanks to a fluky penalty which nobody understood, but the NFL is trying to tell the world that it was in fact legit.Forget the penalty, though. We’re talking about what happened before that. Jason Garrett and his fellow coaches knowing, consciously , and intentionally chose to lay up when they had 12 seconds on the clock. What’s more is it’s not like this was an in-the-moment decision they instructed Dak to make while the team was running up after Cole’s six-yard catch, they had the entire review period to sit on this idea as one that they thought was the absolute best one to make.Maybe Jason Garrett didn’t believe in his offense, but that’s also a huge problemPerhaps your defense of Jason Garrett here is that he feared Dak Prescott would turn the ball over and therefore not even give Brett Maher any shot to tie the game at all. Wouldn’t that be really bad? Wouldn’t that be terrible? Never mind the fact that Dak hadn’t thrown an interception all game (he did fumble twice), but if Jason Garrett is worried of a turnover or sack that will knock his team out of range then he really has bigger problems than we’re talking about.The way that Dallas handled the very end of the final drive of the game was a disaster. At the very best the truth of it all is that Jason Garrett is that fearful of things going badly for his offense which would be a huge indictment on the team on its own. Things got exacerbated a bit by the penalty, but the decision we’re talking about had long been made by then.We had a bit of a reprieve with the way that the Cowboys beat the Jacksonville Jaguars last week, but a loss like this on the road against a division rival is not going to help the Dallas cause. The Dallas Cowboys are working hard to get Amari Cooper up-to-speed with the playbook. Having a bye week is obviously beneficial to that cause, and it sounds like the Cowboys and Cooper are pulling out all the stops Kavon Frazier Jersey , including weekend sessions with Copper and members of the team/staff.How quickly the Cowboys can incorporate Cooper into their attack could be the key issue of the season given how poorly the Cowboys offense has fared to this point. They may have to throw caution to the win and just feed Cooper no matter what his mastery of the playbook turns out to be. Obviously targets are a result of getting open, so you can’t just feed him the ball if he’s not open and available. But there is the middle ground of focusing on a receiver, and giving him an opportunity to get the ball even if there is a defender in the area. Cooper has an odd plot of targets this year in the Oakland offense. In five games (throwing out the Seattle game when he was hurt) his targets are three, ten, five, twelve, and one. In the games where he had double-digit targets Cole Beasley Color Rush Jersey , he had 116 yards and 128 yards. In the last six games of 2017 in Oakland, he never had double-digit targets and generally looked like he was used less and less. If the Cowboys are going to feed Cooper, the targets will have to come from somewhere. Where will Cooper’s targets come from? Cole Beasley leads Dallas with 43 targets on the year, Ezekiel Elliott is second with 36. Third is Allen Hurns with 28. That’s where most of those targets should come from. Deonte Thompson also has 18. Between those two you have 46 targets, the majority of those should now end up with Cooper.One thing Cooper has fixed, according to the ESPN article linked above, is his drops. So far in 2018 he only has one. The Cowboys obviously didn’t trade for Cooper to not use him ... tin-Jersey , but they may do well to feed him. Zeke is famous for the “feed me” emote, but Amari Cooper may have to get in on that, too.

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