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Carpet roses whites spots

Posted: Sun Jul 03, 2011 10:26 am
by Ekidokai
I have three carpet roses, different colors next to each other separated by about 18 inches. The red one on the far right has been getting this white spot stuff. The best way I can describe it is white rice kind of looking stuff. Now here is the problem. The plant on the right gets it bad and fast. It is covered. almost every leaf. I have put decease control on it but in a couple of days it comes back. I was only putting it on every four days or so or right after a rain. It just will not quit. The plant next to that one has very few leafs with this stuff on it and the plant on the farthest left has only s couple. I have sprayed them all. This white stuff eats holes in the leafs.

This has been happening every since I planted them 4 years ago. They are planted on top of the ground in a kind of raised bed I guess. and I put down about 800 ponds of potting soil and some of it was miracle grow. I water about every 7 days if they need it. I do use the rose fertilizer in the spring.

What can I do? Should I pull that plant up and replace it?

Re: Carpet roses whites spots

Posted: Mon Jul 18, 2011 10:59 pm
by lorijones
This is probably not a disease but and insect problem like scale or mealybugs. Use a spray of Bonide Rose Rx 3 in 1. This gives broad spectrum control of many insects. Read and follow the label directions.