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Pine Trouble

Posted: Mon Aug 31, 2015 10:45 pm
by rwp23831
The attached photo shows a pine tree which was healthy and had new growth one month ago. The current condition started at the base of the tree and moved up. I have not observed any insects on the tree or surrounding bed. The tree is in a shaded part of the yard on a slight slope. The ground is well drained and pine bark mulch is applied approximately 2 inches deep. We are located in Chester just south of Richmond. A similar situation occurred in 2013 with a blue spruce in the same area of the garden. Thank you for any help with this situation.

Re: Pine Trouble

Posted: Thu Sep 03, 2015 5:27 pm
by lorijones
This looks like a spruce rather than a pine. When was the tree planted? It looks like a fairly young tree. I had Andre look at your question and photo and he feels that this is not an insect or disease problem. He feels that it is a soil problem. Wet feet is a common cause of this type of problem. Do you have a sprinkling system? Since the tree is planted in the shade (most spruce do better in full sun to part shade), it will require less water. This tree will not recover well and will probably need to be removed. When you remove it, check the roots to see if they are rotted and if the soil is very damp.
You may want to select a different evergreen for this shady area since the 2 different spruce varieties that you planted here did not do well. You might consider holly, Arborvitae, or hemlock.
When you plant a new tree, be sure to amend the soil with Espoma Garden Soil and Espoma Bio-tone Starter Plus to give the roots a good start and to help reduce transplant shock.

Re: Pine Trouble

Posted: Sat Sep 05, 2015 9:26 pm
by rwp23831
Lori, thank you and Andre for taking time with my situation. I planted the tree the end of march. Until a month ago it had new tips on the branches and then within three weeks or so the result is the photo posted. I removed the tree and the roots were very damp but no rot noticed. I have moved it to a less damp location with more sunshine. I am hoping for a recovery but the extent of injury and shock from being moved may be too much. Thank you again and I will follow your advice.