Brown spots in fescue

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Re: Brown spots in fescue

Post by lorijones » Fri Oct 18, 2013 12:51 pm

The damage you describe does not sound like grubs. Grub damage is usually more patchy and probably would not wipe out 90% of your grass, although it is possible if you had a major infestation. If you have grubs, they will be easy enough to see. If you peel back the turf in a damaged area (choose about a 10"x10" section), you should see them if they are present. They may have started moving down deeper in the soil now so they may not be right near the surface. If they are present, you will find them even if you have to dig down a bit.
I still think you are dealing with one of the turf diseases since the damage was so widespread. The problem was probably that your grass was stressed from drought and the disease was able to really take hold. Your new grass should be okay but you need to treat earlier next year. I think the combination of drought stress and treating it too late was what led to the rapid spread.
You can use the Bonide hose-end Infuse now if you want. It has a growth stimulator which Bonide states can promote faster establishment of your fescue grass. Apply according to the label directions for NEWLY planted cool season lawns. Follow up with an application in the spring following the recommendations on the Hose-end Infuse label.
Glad the new grass is coming in well. Good luck!

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